Best Features Of Advanced Test Automation Tools Today

The market needs are constantly evolving and in such a scenario, what applications development teams need to focus on is updating their merchandise continuously to cater to the market needs.

The new age advanced automation testing tools, thus, offer many powerful features designed to make the task at hand easier for the QA teams and also increase the efficiency and productivity. 

android automation tools

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key features of these new  automation tools are:

Grid Execution: To begin with, new-age advanced automation testing programs support the simultaneous execution of test instances.  The grid execution feature comes to save because it supports multiple executions concurrently, thus saving time and costs.

Parametrization : Another feature the new advanced test automation tools have given the QA teams would be your parametrization feature that's immensely useful in saving time. 

With this attribute, QA teams are no longer required to repeat test cases that involve executing the same set of steps with numerous data sets. After the data collections are saved in the tool, it may execute the measures automatically with no duplication of efforts.

Cross-Browser Cross-Platform Service: Support for multiple browsers and platforms is the next important attribute. Today, one of the challenges faced by QA teams would be that the need to ensure an application performs optimally across multiple platforms and browsers, together with their many versions. 

These features, when used well, can help the team reach the best quality criteria with the merchandise and in the exact same time, reduce the time to market.

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