A Guide For Buying A Car

These tips for buying a car would have come in handy to that friend. You know the one that bragged to you about a great deal he got on his new car? Chances are, they laughed at him all the way to the bank once he drove away.

Car dealers have so many tricks up their sleeves, and they are all designed to get you to buy a car at an unreasonable price. You can also get to know more about buying and selling via A Guide For Your 20s.

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Today I have three tips for buying a car, that can help you to gain the upper hand with car salesmen!

Watch the Finance Charge: You could work a car dealer over left and right, getting top dollar for your trade-in and getting the car at a cheap price. Then in the finance room, they can charge you 2-3 percent over what you would get at your bank!

Don't "Hold Back the Trade": You've probably had that friend or relative tell you to go into the dealership and don't let them know about the trade until the very end. Remember that these guys weren't born yesterday. Be upfront from the beginning and know how much you want for your trade and what you'll pay for their car.

Shop Around: This seems like a pretty basic tip, but the number 1 rule for a car salesman is to keep you from getting off of the car lot. If you are determined to shop around and never buy on the first visit then you will keep yourself from making an emotional decision and driving off a couple of thousand dollars in the hole!

These tips for buying a car can save you a lot of money.

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